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How to Improve on Your Organic Results

Blake from in Brisbane got in touch with me today, looking for some direction on how he could improve on his organic search results. He’s trying to target “Product Photography”,”Commercial photography”, “Advertising photography”. Here’s my reply… Hi Blake Thanks for the enquiry… It’s interesting that when I do a search for product photography on […]

21 Years OnLine? Who Woulda Thought?

July 1995… that’s when I launched my first website online! Amazingly, it, and me, are still going strong online a mere 21 years later! Australia’s Careers OnLine was my first website, developed as a result of my work at the time as a high school Careers Adviser. It was THE first website of its kind […]

New Website for the Aussie RV Traveller

I’m coming up on my third anniversary of “living the Aussie dream”… that of travelling around our great country and living full-time on the road! During that time I have certainly learnt LOTS about what to do… and NOT do… when it comes to setting up and living out of my mobile home. And as […]

Shattering the Windows to Your Digital World!

Is there anything worse than the feeling you have when your laptop screen cracks? That horrible realisation as you watch your LCD crystals bleeding profusely across the screen, knowing there’s nothing you can do to stem the flow! Well… maybe the “blue screen of death”… or a faulty hard drive? Those are both up there […]

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