No April Fools Joke

From April 1, 2014 Come On Aussie has been operating under a “paid submission model”… which means that any NEW business listings submitted require a small PayPal payment to be added to the directory.

For more than a decade we operated a “free submission” model… however the amount of work involved in manually editing the increasing volume of submissions being made – and correcting a LOT of silly mistakes – has gone through the roof in the past few months.

More details about that here:

If you are an SEO Agency, you need to know THIS:

Other recent changes include:

1. Even MORE new categories added to help businesses list in more appropriate places – with a LOT of new stuff in the various trade areas – it seems a lot of tradies are now looking for business online, so welcome to the madhouse 🙂

2. We’ve now added a NOFOLLOW option to listings… so if you are panicked about Google and want to “clean up” your links… if you really want to, you can now mark your Come On Aussie listings as NOFOLLOW which will keep the Google bot happy (but see below please before you do that)

3. We’ve also “cleaned up” several of our other network sites… perhaps the most significant change has been the removal of the directory @… I am not quite sure what, if anything, will replace it yet, but it too was a “victim” of excessive submissions which were becoming far too spammy to handle. At time of writing, OSB is under planned maintenance for a few more days as more adjustments are made.

But to be serious for a second… far too many people are killing ALL their links when they get that dreaded Google letter… and that is NOT what they really want you to do. Rather, you should be looking for and removing the “bad” links, while keeping the good ones.

Are links from Come On Aussie “good” ones? Hell yeah! LOL

We have NEVER (touch wood) received notification from Mr G that our services are causing any problems… And that’s because we have always stuck with the basics and done things the way they should be!

Anyone who thinks that a human moderated/edited directory that has been online since 2002 (yeah… THAT long) which demands business contact details and proper website descriptions is a “bad” one… well really, they should rethink their logic somewhat 🙂

Speaking of the search engines… it’s interesting to note that we can almost now be regarded as “self-sufficient” as far as referrals from search engines go… in other words, it doesn’t really matter much to us anymore that all the search engines now only send about 6% of our total traffic!

MOST of our traffic now seems to be coming either direct from bookmarks, or from other places which have linked to us.

THAT is a nice place to be in… and somewhere you should be aiming to get to 🙂

To your success
Stephen Spry

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