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This page is for people who want to provide me with a detailed outline of their online business concerns/problems/issues etc, so I can help you to address them.

If that’s you, then you’ve probably got lots of questions… and I’ve hopefully got the answers you seek.

So please allow me to find out a little more about you, and what you want…

It might be best to PREPARE some of your responses BEFORE trying to complete the form online.

Your responses are sent to me in confidence, so I can then follow up with you to address the specific concerns you raise below.

So if you don’t want me to contact you, it is pointless to complete this form 🙂

Please try to answer ALL QUESTIONS as best as you can.

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    4A. Do you currently have a website?

    If NO, Please advise me on what I really need for my business

    4B. If YES... My current URL/Web Address/Domain name is:

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    4B-1. my current website to be UPDATED to have a modern look and feel
    4B-2. more people to FIND my website on the major search engines
    4B-3. to generate MORE LEADS/enquiries/sales on my website
    4B-4. someone to FIX another pressing issue / problem with my website!

    Q5. Have you previously discussed this concern (in Q4) with any other Agency/Designer?


    Please describe what the outcome was? What did you find satisfactory (or not) about that discussion?

    Q6. Online Sales

    Do you currently sell goods and/or services online?

    Do you WANT to sell (more) goods and/or services online?


    Q7. Email Marketing

    Do you currently do ANY regular email marketing to a list of prospects and/or customers?

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    Q8. What Is It That You Want Your Website To Achieve?

    Please describe what are your main objectives for your website?

    Q9. Your Budget

    How much are you realistically prepared to commit to both the initial and ongoing development of your web presence to achieve the objectives shown in your previous response?

    Your Initial investment for any immediate work to set up and/or make changes to your website, and to establish systems, processes and tactics for future marketing:

    Your Ongoing investment for work to implement the tactics developed above, INCLUDING the costs of any advertising purchased:


    Q10. Your Current/Future Social Media Presence

    Do you currently HAVE, or do you WANT to have, ANY presence on these social media websites. If you are uncertain, please do NOT respond.

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    Are there any other social media sites you are on, or want to be on, that are not listed above? If so, please include here :

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    Stephen Spry
    Come On Aussie Internet Services