Come On Aussie is a long established Australian Internet Consulting & Publishing business.

It is owned by veteran Aussie web designer Stephen Spry, who has been online full-time since 1995!

For over twenty years, I’ve helped SME’s develop, maintain and grow their online presence, properly!

I say “properly”, as that involves looking closely at how all the different and relevant online elements interrelate to the much bigger picture that is your actual offline business!

I try to become fairly intimate with your business, in an effort to understand exactly what it is you do, and how you do it.

A range of appropriate online strategies are then developed to make it work for your particular situation!

And I aim to do that without creating too much “extra” ongoing work for you! Why? Because YOU should be spending your time working on what you know – and that’s your business!

So I spend my time working on what I know – and that’s looking after your web presence!

In a nutshell –

I Personally Look After Your Web Presence,
So YOU Don’t Have To!!!

Over the last 23+ years, I’ve developed a pretty good idea of what actually does work online, and what doesn’t, in a vast range of areas, including:
This could include consideration and advice on…

* selection of appropriate domain names
* domain name registration
* domain name services/redirection
* domain name management/renewal
There’s a lot I can tell you about web design

* new bespoke website design without too much overhead (think FAST loading)
* use of responsive desktop design that is equally “friendly” on mobile devices
* using friendly “on-page” SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) web design techniques
* implementing “off-page” SEO tactics that are relevant to your situation
* development using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) for future flexibility
* redesign, redeveloping and/or modernising an existing website
* fixing those nagging issues you may have with an existing website
* consulting on the development of more complex websites that might involve for example elearning, ecommerce and/or membership platforms
Not all web hosting is equal 🙂

* determining the web hosting most appropriate to your needs
* providing secure cPanel SSL web hosting with all services
* ongoing server maintenance and software updates as required done for you
* provision for regular site backups (requires Google account for storage)
* installing plugins to professionally manage security at WordPress level
* integration with Office 365, G Suite etc if required


THIS is what gives your online business every chance for success!

* providing online promotional services for your website, including directory submissions and more
* preparing a social media marketing plan for your business
* implementing Facebook marketing to generate new leads for your business
* preparing and implementing an ongoing content marketing plan
* writing a wide range of content for use in many different ways – blog content, article marketing, social media marketing, etc
* updating content in multiple places as required
* creating/producing simple video based material (but not short film stuff) to showcase your content
* creating “customer pathways” to fine-tune your marketing efforts
* developing of landing pages for specific advertising campaigns
* implementing follow up auto-responder sequences in your email marketing / future marketing


There’s a LOT MORE to getting a business online than just “building a website”! Heck, practically ANYONE can do THAT these days (even Alf Stewart apparently if you can believe that LOL)

Yep! There’s a LOT more!

And to give the online branch of your business the best chance of succeeding, you really should get a professional to take care of ALL the finer details that need addressing!

And remember…

I Personally Look After Your Web Presence,
So YOU Don’t Have To!!!

But since there’s only one of me, that means I am fairly selective about who I spend my time with!

So let’s see if we can work together…

Your First Step? Well, if you want a no BS solution to whatever problem might be facing your online business…

Who You Gonna Speak To?

That should be me, Stephen Spry 🙂

It’s probably best if you complete my detailed enquiry form which has most of the questions I ask, to provide useful advice 🙂

If you need to call – then phone 041 208 2355 Just make sure if you get my voicemail to leave a detailed message, and I will certainly get back in touch with you!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Stephen Spry