Paid Inclusion

Come on Aussie dot com is a long established, authoritative directory of AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND BASED businesses/websites.

To qualify for a “standard” listing:

  • you MUST have a proper Australian/NZ contact address shown on your website, and/or
  • your WHOIS records must show an Australian/NZ address attached to the domain name.

Since there are many overseas-based sites with content that is highly relevant to an Australian/NZ audience… we don’t want you to feel left out 🙂

So if you are a business which is NOT physically based in Australia/NZ, you can ask for your site to be reviewed for inclusion on Come On Aussie dot com.

Step One – Review Terms and Conditions

  • This is for companies based OUTSIDE of Australia/NZ to request a review of their website for inclusion in Come On Aussie dot com.
  • Only sites/URLs in English are accepted for review.
  • Your website must contain content and/or services of significant importance and/or relevance to the majority of our visitors.
  • There is no guarantee that your site will be added to Come On Aussie.
  • If your website is not accepted, your subscription is cancelled, but no refunds are possible as the Review Fee covers our time to make contact with you and go through the review process to determine suitablity for inclusion.
  • IF your website is accepted, it includes listing for 12 months.
  • After that, there is recurring annual fee of $150 to keep your listing in place.

Step Two – Make Your Payment

Click the subscribe button below to pay for your review and ongoing inclusion fee through a PayPal subscription at the rate of AUD$150.00 every 12 months (until cancelled BY YOU).

We shall be in touch by email following receipt of your payment to confirm your details.

If you’ve got ANY questions at all about our paid inclusion process, then please get in touch.

To your success
Stephen Spry