Registering Your Domain Name

An important step in setting up in business online is getting the right domain name!

I suggest that you choose a domain name with a good keyword so that people can easily find and remember your business.

While it may be your business name… or a variation of it… your domain name could also be WHAT you do… or what you SELL.

With a whole swag of new Generic domain extensions available… your name could almost be anything you want it to be 🙂

See the domain name extensions available to you to register through Come On Aussie in the popup menu below…

There are some exciting possibilities available if you want to play with these, and more Basic Information about Domain Names is available here.

More Domain Name Information

Search For Your Domain Name Here

It’s easy to do…

  1. Just enter your preferred domain name in the box below (with NO spaces please), then
  2. Select the domain extension you prefer from the list in the pop-up box, then
  3. Hit Search and see what’s available… and get some further suggestions to consider.


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