Busy Time For WordPress Community

The last few days has been an extremely busy time for the WordPress Community! And if you were NOT aware of the situation… NOW is the time to take action 🙂 It seems there has been a big “hole” in the code for quite some time which allows for all sorts of nasty stuff attacking […]

What’s Google Trying To Tell You Now?

Hmmm… something very strange has been happening recently… and if you are not involved in the SEO world and various forums around, you may have missed it! I try not to spend too much time at these places either 🙂 but when I received a few emails in the last week from Google Webmaster Tools […]

Our New API Helps You To “Search Locally”

We’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new, totally “responsive” website which uses our new API. Stage One of SearchLocally.com.au has now been launched! It features an extremely efficient search and category browse options which access the database from our main Come On Aussie site. Using our new API, SearchLocally.com.au provides a different […]

RWD & JSON… Well Worth The Learning Curve

I’ve been sitting on the fence for some time when it comes to RWD (Responsive Web Design). For those that don’t understand, RWD means ONE design for a web site, which changes automatically as the size of the browser window changes. Here, the page you can see on a desktop machine, can automatically adjust itself […]

What’s Your Website Look Like On A Smartphone?

An “alarming” proportion of people are now connecting to websites using mobile devices! The latest stats (ABS Dec 2011) show there are now MORE people in Australia connecting to the Internet with a wireless connection, than those with ADSL. On top of that… there are over 11 million Aussie subscribers with mobile phone internet connections! […]

Is It Time For You To Get A Mobile Website?

In these days of really smart mobile phones, and cheaper and faster mobile Internet connections, then “Yes…” is the answer! It IS time to bite the bullet and send your website mobile! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve only got to look around you to see that there are LOTS of people that […]

Where 404 Art Thou?

Recent traffic analysis of a client website which was moved (by another design agency) has meant that literally thousands of visitors for the best part of the last year have simply been… LOST! Here’s the scenario: Client decides to get a new website design done. Since this is a co-operative group, no-one “remembers” to contact […]

Web Guidelines For Small Business Owners

I’m a little scared about putting that heading on an article online. You can sometimes open up a very big can of worms the moment you start talking about this sort of stuff… but oh well, here goes! A non-definitive list of some of the things small business owners should consider talking to their “web […]

Web Design Mistakes To Watch Out For

What are the top blunders your Web Designer should avoid when they are creating your new business web site? Here are my thoughts on that… based on my “expertise” as a web designer since 1995… and presented here so small business owners have a better idea of what that person looking after their web site […]