How To Structure Your Directory Listings Correctly

Hints and tips to help you get the best results for little effort (or expense)

Maximise Click-Throughs from Your Listing

A little careful attention to these points will make a world of difference to how your directory listings work for you… especially your listings on the Come On Aussie network.

  1. When you place your website listing on our directories make sure you provide a GOOD description of your site to encourage people to click on your listing.

  2. If at all possible, include your full contact details in your listing. People are more likely to have more confidence and develop trust in you faster if you don’t appear to be “hiding” your contact details.

  3. Also include EXTRA relevant keywords which DON’T appear in your description as these might get picked up by people doing a keyword search.

  4. If the DATE LAST EDITED shows with your description, remember to regularly EDIT your listing if possible and keep it up to date – people are more inclined to click on a link that appears to be fairly current.

    That also has the added benefit of getting Google back to re-index your information, so you can “play” a little with your keywords and description to get better results from that.

  5. Finally… check your spelling punctuation and capitalisation. You would be amazed at how many web design companies submit listings with multiple typos in them 🙂

    e.g. – this just in… typos in bold. D’oh!

    “We specialise in making sure you business dominates the local market usign SEO, Text Marketing, Website design, Google Places!”

    Careless or poorly written copy does nothing to suggest people should do business with you.

Keep Your Listing in Front of People

Watch the placement of your listing at Come On Aussie and other directories…


well, in our case, listings are shown in the order received. After some time, your listing will move WAY down the list.

Other directories may have similar “ageing” procedures in place… For example, at Come On Aussie…

  1. Normal Listings – The newest sites added to Come On Aussie are shown first in this group, the most recent of which feature in the Latest Aussie Sites section shown on selected pages (including the home page).

    All of the latest 50 sites are also shown on the Latest Aussie Sites page. These are just two of the many (completely legal) “tricks” we use to tell the search engines about your website!

    Normal listings are also shown as part of our content feed to syndicated sites, which can show up to 50 listings (usually around 20) in each category.

  2. Once your listing has “disappeared” from the syndicated feeds and the Latest Aussie Websites page, it’s probably time to think about upgrading to Feature Your Business.

    There are a variety of methods to choose from to ensure your business listing stays at or near the top of the pile 🙂

You might think that to keep your listing at the top just requires a regular delete and resubmit to get it back on top again. HOWEVER that trick does LOSE YOU AN INDEXED PAGE at Google, so it may not be wise to do it!

As you can see… there are a couple of neat tricks that will help keep your listing in front our Come On Aussie visitors… as well our display advertising where you can feature your site from just $20/month.

But by far the best value has to be with our premium linkage package which combines our top four promotional opportunities together to save you a bundle on the casual rate!

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