Sample Display Advertisement

Display Advertising

Get your online ad permanently appearing at the top left (or right) of:

  • relevant category pages,
  • other similar free listing pages, and
  • matching search results pages.

That is literally hundreds of related pages all over Come On Aussie & our other network sites (where available).

For the “Storage Murwillumbah” example shown above… their ad appears on

  • five main category pages for Removals / Storage and in each main state (NSW, QLD, Vic and WA)
  • on over 500 other pages currently submitted in that category
  • and at least 300 search results pages for the keyword “storage” (and certainly LOTS MORE with all the matching keywords searched for)

One little ad… 805+ pages. Not bad!

(BTW… this is a great example of how our Enhanced Business Listing is used instead of a full website for this client)

Come on Aussie’s Display Advertising is an extremely useful branding tool, which puts “nofollow” ads for your website all over the place!

That’s true “advertising” so there are no search engine issues.

And of course, it’s priced at very affordable “mates rates” just for you!

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