Shattering the Windows to Your Digital World!

Is there anything worse than the feeling you have when your laptop screen cracks? That horrible realisation as you watch your LCD crystals bleeding profusely across the screen, knowing there’s nothing you can do to stem the flow!

Well… maybe the “blue screen of death”… or a faulty hard drive? Those are both up there with computer disasters which would make you pretty nauseous.

But when the window to your digital world has been shattered!!!


And somehow, I’m clever enough to have done it twice! 🙂

The first time, my leg got gently entwined around the power cord. And when I got up to make yet another cup of coffee… the whole lot was yanked off the table – pirouetting perfectly like a ballet dancer on the corner of the screen for a few seconds… then losing balance and tumbling to the floor. And all before I even had a clue what had actually happened!

Surprisingly, I was able to keep using that laptop for a few months before the cracked LCD screen bleed to the point where I really couldn’t see anything useful!

The second time… well let’s just say you should NOT rest a metal studio style microphone on a laptop keyboard… while it is resting on your lap!

With just the slightest of movements (I think I breathed), the microphone gently “kissed” the screen. It barely touched it! Yet that was enough to totally terminate my laptop screen!

As the saying goes… I was “Not happy Jan” when that happened!

My son and his girlfriend have also had their share of smartphone LCD screen failures. I’ve actually lost count of the number of times they’ve broken them!

Strangely, these devices do not like being dropped, stood on, or even dropped (again and again). I wonder why? 🙂

While I’m trying to be extra careful now, I know it’s only a matter of time before yet another of my LCD screens is going to need attention!

Look… the odds are stacked against us in our modern digital world! Because right now I have a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, AND a wonderful widescreen LCD monitor!

My goodness where did all of that lot come from?

Well… next time it happens… I know what to do!

I’ll be off in a flash to see John @ The Electronix Fix and get a quote from him to repair my cracked LCD screen!

He is a wizard with replacement of cracked LCD screens!

John’s able to provide a free quote and quick, affordable LCD screen repairs on any device – laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer monitor!

Phone: (07) 3613 0029
Shop: NorthWest Plaza, 97 Flockton Street, Everton Park QLD

Hint: Ask about John’s free local pickup and delivery service too if you are on Brisbane Northside 🙂

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