21 Years OnLine? Who Woulda Thought?

July 1995… that’s when I launched my first website online! Amazingly, it, and me, are still going strong online a mere 21 years later!

Australia’s Careers OnLine was my first website, developed as a result of my work at the time as a high school Careers Adviser.

It was THE first website of its kind on the Australian scene, and one of the trail-blazers on the WWW way back in the “good ole days” of 14.4k modems and dial-up Internet.

It proved “promising” enough in the next few months to enable me to resign from my teaching job in November 1995, and become a full-time Internet entrepreneur!

I spent most of the next few years developing my web design skills, and learning all about what businesses wanted from this brave new online world.

That was when I discovered my “niche” – developing “directory” based websites to help Australian businesses get found on the Internet.

And so, in 2001 – just a short fifteen years ago – this lead to the launch of my “Come On Aussie” online brand.

While it may never rival the big names, Come On Aussie certainly has served (and still serves) an extremely useful purpose in the Australian Internet scene, especially since I worked out how to re-use the content effectively on other sites.

Now… 21 years after I started on the big, bad WWW… I’m still around (despite a recent attempt in January by Mother Nature to rub me out with a heart attack and resulting triple bypass)!


I feel it’s time to celebrate, and this coming birthday month I’m sharing some great ideas to help you commemorate the big occasion with me!

So stay tuned!

And let’s toast to the NEXT 21 years!

Stephen Spry

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2 responses to “21 Years OnLine? Who Woulda Thought?”

  1. Eric says:

    Hi Stephen. just came across COL in my research. Good job. I remember back in your Miller Technology days when you spoke about going online. Glad its worked out. You were an early adapter.

    • Stephen Spry says:

      Hi Eric – Wow! Here’s a blast from the past! Thanks for making contact mate, and glad you are still going strong too 🙂

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