Australian Web Directories in 2017 – Our “State of the Nation” Report

In late August, 2017, we took 101 Australian Web Directories and subjected them to 37 different tests to determine how well they are performing. This report outlines what we did, and who are the BEST in the Aussie market. It should help you identify which ones (listed or not) are worth the time and effort […]

How to Improve on Your Organic Results

Blake from in Brisbane got in touch with me today, looking for some direction on how he could improve on his organic search results. He’s trying to target “Product Photography”,”Commercial photography”, “Advertising photography”. Here’s my reply… Hi Blake Thanks for the enquiry… It’s interesting that when I do a search for product photography on […]

21 Years OnLine? Who Woulda Thought?

July 1995… that’s when I launched my first website online! Amazingly, it, and me, are still going strong online a mere 21 years later! Australia’s Careers OnLine was my first website, developed as a result of my work at the time as a high school Careers Adviser. It was THE first website of its kind […]

New Website for the Aussie RV Traveller

I’m coming up on my third anniversary of “living the Aussie dream”… that of travelling around our great country and living full-time on the road! During that time I have certainly learnt LOTS about what to do… and NOT do… when it comes to setting up and living out of my mobile home. And as […]

Shattering the Windows to Your Digital World!

Is there anything worse than the feeling you have when your laptop screen cracks? That horrible realisation as you watch your LCD crystals bleeding profusely across the screen, knowing there’s nothing you can do to stem the flow! Well… maybe the “blue screen of death”… or a faulty hard drive? Those are both up there […]

What’s Google Trying To Tell You Now?

Hmmm… something very strange has been happening recently… and if you are not involved in the SEO world and various forums around, you may have missed it! I try not to spend too much time at these places either 🙂 but when I received a few emails in the last week from Google Webmaster Tools […]

Our New API Helps You To “Search Locally”

We’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new, totally “responsive” website which uses our new API. Stage One of has now been launched! It features an extremely efficient search and category browse options which access the database from our main Come On Aussie site. Using our new API, provides a different […]

No April Fools Joke

From April 1, 2014 Come On Aussie has been operating under a “paid submission model”… which means that any NEW business listings submitted require a small PayPal payment to be added to the directory. For more than a decade we operated a “free submission” model… however the amount of work involved in manually editing the […]

Mobile Website Predictions…

You think there might be something to all this mobile stuff??? Just in case you hadn’t noticed all the recent articles about mobile stats, and smartphones and all that:) Is the message getting through yet???? LOL Well I’ve just finished a mobile version of THIS site… and would love you to check it out! And […]

Getting SEO Wrong, Right From The Start!

These are the most common mistakes* website owners AND SEO professionals make… and yet they’re so-o-o simple to avoid! The first mistake is… Failure to Decide on WWW or non-WWW One of the most glaring things I notice is the number of permanent redirections (301’S) which are picked up by my script when checking the […]

Does Your SEO Agency Do This? I Hope Not…

I am NOT trying to bag SEO companies… there are quite a few good ones out there! But you’ve just got to wonder about the calibre of some of the people who DO pass themselves off as SEO “professionals” when this is what they do for their OWN WEBSITE when submitting directory listings! The two […]

The Importance of Transparency for Online Businesses

Since I run a lot of website directories, I regularly receive submissions from literally hundreds of website owners every week. All these submissions, by the way, are human reviewed, and removed if they are don’t meet my own personal “quality guidelines” 🙂 One of which I see… far too often.. is people trying to “fudge” […]

Why Come On Aussie?

Why Come on Aussie should be at the top of your “to-do” list for directory submissions and online advertising!