Internet Consultancy Services

I HAVE been “around” on the Internet for quite a while, so I DO have a fairly good idea of what should work, and what doesn’t work, online 🙂

And I really like to help small business owners with impartial advice on their Internet Strategy.

  • Maybe your website isn’t quite working for you and not giving you the results you anticipated? Can’t put your finger on the “exact” problem?

  • Is there something you’ve overlooked? Often there is… something REALLY SIMPLE 🙂

  • Maybe you can’t make heads or tails out of all the information you’re being fed? Clarity leads to action, so help us clarify any issues you may have!

I take an in-depth look at the big picture, make suggestions for fixing any “problems” found, and advise on possible future directions you can take.

And if required, can professionally liaise with your current developer in moving forward to better achieve your online goals.

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I’d love to offer you impartial advice on your Internet Strategy. Click to find out more.

I also offer add-on services such as

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