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Google this topic and you are sure to be totally bamboozled with all the results! There are literally thousands of “web hosting” companies (and agents) who want your business – including me 🙂

How do you decide who to go with? Well, that requires a little understanding of what is involved in “hosting”, so you can make the best call for your business!

First up – it’s NOT just web hosting you are after. All “hosting” companies should ALSO be able to look after your EMAIL (although there are third-party providers that can just do email alone. For simplicity, we’ll leave them out at this stage).

Why do you need a Hosting Provider?

They actually “rent” you the computer space and all the necessary software that “hosts” your email service and/or your website, and permanently connects these parts of your business to the Internet.

It is NOT really something you can do for yourself!

What Price is Hosting?

Hosting prices range from free (although I advise against that)… from just a few dollars a month – right up to high-end systems that can cost thousands every month – and obviously the price you pay depends on your needs.

For most small business websites, the cheaper low end range of around $10 a month (or less) will most likely suit you perfectly.

However… the moment you contemplate doing something a little more “fancy”, you might find the cheaper server has some limitations.

In which case you should look at slightly more expensive hosting –

  • reseller hosting plans (around $20 ish a month) or even going forward to a
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) which are becoming very competitively priced with various plans under $50 a month.

Before Your Choose Your Hosting…

Decide what you actually want your web site to do… to achieve? How you are going to do your marketing?

Understand the WHOLE PICTURE before deciding what hosting plan may be the most appropriate.

With those answers in mind… please give me a call to discuss what I can do for you 🙂

Stephen Spry

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