Syndication Services

Our Australian website listings are syndicated on our networked sites, and several other, well trafficked sites, and that means even more exposure for your business 🙂

For example…

The “Surf Australia First!” section on this very site uses that technique.

We also run similar sections on our established Small Business and Give An Aussie A Go websites, to provide additional exposure for websites when they are newly listed at Come On Aussie dotcom.

Other website owners are encouraged to use either:

to display on their pages.

All you need is the appropriate software to parse the feed to show on your page (talk to your “web guy” about that).

With literally hundreds of categories to choose from, this is a great way to include appropriate/relevant, fresh/changing content on your website.

And this content has NOT been “scraped” from web pages all over the place… This stuff has been manually reviewed and approved before being placed in our directories.

And remember… the Internet has (and always WILL be) about linking!

This little technique could help you create your own “links” section on your website… without all the hassle that goes with it.

And you get a warm fuzzy or two knowing you’ve helped another online Aussie business in a small way 🙂

Share YOUR RSS Feed!!!

And the absolute beauty about RSS is this…

If YOU have an RSS Feed on your site… we want to know about it!

Not only can you include the link to your feed in your free and featured listings @ Come On Aussie…

You can also have special pages created for you in selected locations on our network sites.

These provide additional, legitimate links back to your website, to which should help generate a few more visitors for your business.

It’s similar to the “guest post” concept explained on the Article Submissions page – except it’s on a bigger scale, and automated so it just “happens”!

Contact Me to discuss how you can put your content on our sites!

I do look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Stephen Spry