My New Year “Purge” – The Aftermath

My most recent big annual purge is complete. What did I discover as I killed around 5000+ websites? Four main issues stood out from this exercise 🙂

The “Raw Prawn” Update

We’ve recently gone through Come On Aussie with a fine tooth comb… doing a lot of restructuring to the categories available there… And a fairly “disturbing” result (for some webmasters that is) of that restructuring is that we removed over 750 listings that are no longer compliant with the standards expected. As part of this […]

Seeking a Local Business Website on the Internet? Good luck with that!

I just finished doing some research for a client… trying to find how their website is positioned in the search results, by carrying out a fairly typical “local search” i.e. business name town name format The amount of GARBAGE results dished up was astronomical… and extremely surprising! It makes you wonder whether anyone can actually […]

Link Removal Requests Pandamonium…

EDIT March 2014 – IF you are using a THIRD PARTY link removal service… PLEASE REMEMBER that there is NO way to verify the authenticity of your link removal request – You MUST use either: an email request FROM the DOMAIN affected (and NOT generic emails from hotmail, gmail, live etc), AND/OR POST A PAGE […]

How To Structure Your Directory Listings Correctly

These tips will help you create listings on web directories that will be far better than the “average” fare being submitted 🙂

Website Directories – Our Primary Focus

Since 1997, the focus for Come On Aussie has been the development of business website directories, providing opportunities for small businesses to promote their web sites for free.

Why Come On Aussie?

Why Come on Aussie should be at the top of your “to-do” list for directory submissions and online advertising!