Does Your SEO Agency Do This? I Hope Not…

I am NOT trying to bag SEO companies… there are quite a few good ones out there! But you’ve just got to wonder about the calibre of some of the people who DO pass themselves off as SEO “professionals” when this is what they do for their OWN WEBSITE when submitting directory listings!

The two pictures below are screenshots of two listings I was editing – sorry – DELETING from the “admin” section behind my Latest Sites Directory

Click to open each image full size…

And it’s a big warning to everyone to make sure they KNOW PRECISELY what their SEO company is doing for them!

You know, filling in a simple form isn’t rocket science… but it certainly does absolutely NOTHING for your credibility if you allow details like this about your business to be published online!

Seriously… when you see this sort of thing come across your “desk” several times a week, it really makes you wonder what results these people are producing for their “clients”!!!

I can only shake my head in amazement…

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