Desktop Website Design

If the average small business can’t get a professionally designed, customised website done for under $1000, I’ll eat my hat!

Seriously… I’ve heard customer stories of quotes in excess of $5,000 for websites that I do for way less than that!

Maybeif you want full e-commerce capability and shopping cart integration for thousand of products… then that is probably a realistic starting point.


I’ve been designing websites that work for micro / small businesses since 1995… and in most cases I have been able to set them up with all the “normal” essentials for around $1,000.

Now… you can probably get a student or friend to do it for you, and pay them much less than that. You could even have a go at DIY, and do it all for nothing…

However when you elect those options, you lose the benefit of my experience of doing this full-time since 1995! :)

And I look after my web design clients in lots of other ways e.g. with promotion of your website across my network included for no extra charge!

So please… give me a call to discuss what you might like done.

I’d really love to have a chat to you!

Stephen Spry