Web Strategy Assessment

A Web Strategy Assessment is NOT the same as all the “basic” website reviews that you can get anywhere online these days for free. It’s a LOT MORE than that!

But if a free website review is what you’re after, then just Google “website health check” and you’ll find plenty of them (about 39,000 results in fact).

And most of these are simply a “marketing tactic” companies use make contact with you… and then they try to persuade you that you need a complete site update or redesign, or your SEO needs work!

Maybe even when it’s really not necessary 🙂

And what do you actually “do” with the information they report back to you? Is it chokers full of technical mumbo-jumbo that no-one can understand?

Which is why you REALLY need someone who…

  • Can carry out an impartial, accurate assessment of your current web strategy!
  • Won’t try to push unwanted additional “at-cost” services on you!
  • Doesn’t simply provide a “one size fits all” generic report that leaves you even more bamboozled!
  • Tells you what’s happening in plain English!
  • Can work with your existing “web guy” to fix any critical issues uncovered!
  • Provides recommendations (and explanations) for possible future consideration


If your website is not working for you? Or you’re confused about all this Internet “stuff” and what you really need to do?

Or maybe you think there’s something wrong… but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Then turn to an experienced Aussie webmaster, and…

PICK MY BRAINS on ANY issues you like!

I’ve been “around” on the Internet for quite some time (since 1995 in fact) and actually DO have a fairly good idea of what works, and what doesn’t work, online 🙂

Just tell me:

  1. the address/URL of your web site,
  2. what concern/s you have with it, and
  3. what your online objectives are
and I’ll thoroughly check out your website, and offer an in-depth analysis on a whole range of stuff, including (but not limited to):

  • First time visitor first impressions
  • The keywords search engines think you are all about
  • Search engine positioning
  • Your site structure and layout
  • Your content and relevance to your target audience
  • How trustworthy your site is
  • Conversion tactics and processes used – i.e. your calls to action!
  • and lots more besides (including some of that technical stuff explained in K.I.S.S. terms).

It would also help a lot if I can have look at your actual log files/statistics… but if you can’t provide or don’t have access to that information… no worries 🙂

So… order your assessment now (click the PayPal “Buy Now” button below).

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours seeking your answers to my basic 3 questions (above) and complete my Assessment within 5 working days after receiving your information.

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Stephen Spry