Video Promotion of Your Business

If there’s one thing that’s fairly certain (and possible even stable) in SEO circles… it’s the impact having a YouTube video can have on your search engine placement.

Not only can a video about your business improve your search engine visibility, it can be used in other creative ways as well, since YouTube allows you to embed your video on any webpage!

With even just one video, you could:

  • Highlight your video on your own site
  • Showcase your video in directory listings (as @ Come On Aussie)
  • Include your video on your Facebook wall
  • Build your own YouTube “following”

All to do with increasing your branding… and spreading the word about your services.

Best you contact me to discuss your 30 second video/animation for your business… complete with professional voice-over (that’s approximately 80 words), backing music and uploaded to YouTube. Along with MP3 (sound) and MP4 (video) files available to download for use elsewhere online. From just $399.

There’s no doubt about how increasingly important video is becoming on the “modern” Internet.

Get started now, so you’re not playing catch-up in a few years time 🙂

Stephen Spry