Top of Page Listings

What if you want Your Business Listing to ALWAYS appear at the TOP of our Results Pages?

I can guarantee that your business listing on the selected Come On Aussie network site stays ahead of all the other listings!

That means totally “preferred placement” on a page which is highly relevant to your particular business!

Your business will be found first whenever someone browses your category… or searches for any keywords in your record.

There’s some extra bonuses for you as well:

  • there’s no external advertising on your page (see sample)
  • a maximum of five top-of page listings per category.
  • more words to describe your site and encourage people to click-through!
  • 12 month advertising periods only available (good Internet advertising/linking is only effective when viewed in the long term) which means a discounted price for you!
  • no need to link to us from your site.

Top-of-page listings are STRICTLY limited and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Top of Page Listings – Contract Rates per Listing

  • 12 months – $120 – that’s just $10 a month!
    All payments in advance.

To reserve your Top of Page Listings now, please click the PayPal button below, and I’ll be in touch by email within 24 hours to get all the details needed to set it up for you!

Order your Come On Aussie
Top Of Page Listing

Your investment for this restricted offer
is just $120 per annum.

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If you’ve got ANY questions… I’d love to hear from you!

Stephen Spry