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There’s an exclusive spot at the top of EVERY category page @ Come On Aussie, that has your keywords on it 🙂

And there’s a direct link to your website behind those keywords… along with a line or two of text (and even more links) to better encourage people to click through to your business!

Sponsored links are the first link located right at the very top of pages that are related to a wide variety of differnet niches.

They feature:

  • a DIRECT LINK to your business in the heading
  • Appropriate anchor text in that heading
  • A two line description to encourage people to click through to your site
  • Description can include additional links if required
  • Most category pages where links are placed rank well and are extremely contextually relevant!

Because of the nature of sponsored links, some categories may not be available. In such cases, alternative arrangements can be arranged e.g. graphical or text link advertising in the top right-hand margin.

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