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Come On Aussie Internet Services provides advice to small business on choosing suitable web hosting providers.

Depending on your particular needs, a wide range of options are available for you to select from, including:


    An excellent shared cPanel hosting service for US$9.95/mth with essential online marketing services an optional extra available if you want it!

    This is an extremely economical shared web hosting service (at US$9.95/mth) where you can host “add-on” domains, and ALSO packs a hefty punch with the Centralizer Complete Package @ $21.95…

    Not only do you get great hosting, but you can ALSO get a Complete Suite of Online Marketing Services which provide a thorough marketing solution for your small businesses, including:

    unlimited auto-responders, pro mailing list manager, affiliate program, ad tracking, membership manager, customer support system, and more!!!

  • Reseller Hosting

    This allows you to host multiple domains on one hosting account from around US$10-$25mth (and up to $100/mth depending on the size of the account required).

    This type of hosting is generally suited for smaller, low traffic websites – i.e. a “typical” small business site – with a cPanel backend for simple server management.

    Reseller plans have the flexibility of separate login and admin for each domain hosted on your server, making them ideal for developing separate sites for sale (ease of moving), and/or providing web hosting to others.

    If you don’t need this flexibility, then a shared hosting package with add-on domains might be a more economical proposition (around US$5-10+/mth)

  • VPS Hosting (Hosting on a Virtual Private Server)

    A VPS allows you to host multiple domains on a computer more powerful than those that drive shared hosting and reseller servers, and able to allocate more server resources to your websites. At US$50+/mth, it’s a lot cheaper than having a “dedicated” server (@ $200+)

    You’ll need a VPS for busier sites, or sites which place more demands on servers than shared/reseller hosting allows. Again, your VPS comes with easy cPanel management, and 24/7 support to quickly fix any issues with your server.

I personally use (or have used) ALL of the different hosting types recommended above, so I know how useful each one can be for your needs.

Finally… if your hosting provider is currently offering a shared hosting option with add-on domains… please have a look at their reseller options. The little-added expense makes life a lot easier in the long run 🙂

To discuss any of these hosting options, please contact me.

Stephen Spry

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