Enhance Your Business Listing @ Come On Aussie

Enhanced listing for Storage Murwillumbah
Having an Enhanced Business Listing @ Come On Aussie can help you to:

  • better brand something online – your name / product / service
  • secure specific keywords
  • improve your placement in “local” searches
  • generate more leads
  • create multiple legitimate links back to your existing website (if available)

An enhanced business listing @ Come On Aussie provides you with “ALL of the above” (and a fair bit more) for an affordable fixed yearly price.

It’s your very own, extremely “personalised” spot on Come On Aussie. A special ad-free page with ONLY your material on it, and is professionally written for you!

It’s a special search engine optimised page, designed to maximise your SEO efforts from this tool and contains all the essentials to build a variety of effective (and legitimate) links back to your website.

It includes a keyword rich web address, AND another standard free listing in the Come On Aussie directory!

That’s Triple The Exposure!

As well as an being an “SEO Machine!”… your new enhanced business listing can be used for all sorts of purposes. Perhaps:

  • Lead generation?
  • Featuring your latest RSS Feeds?
  • Showing off your portfolio or other achievements?
  • Highlighting new products or those on special?
  • Or even use if you DON’T have a website at all!

You can do almost anything here. Seriously!

It also provides an opportunity to create multiple deep links to other pages on your site, depending on which ones you decide are more important to your visitors.

No Website??? No Problem!!!

You don’t even NEED to have a website of your own! An enhanced business listing works just like a big online business card! This makes it ideal for lots of smaller businesses that don’t want the hassle of running their own full blown website!

Ask me about the optional domain name and email forwarding service that can be attached to this if you want to present a more “professional” online presence, or perhaps protect your brand a little better online.

Working Examples

The proof’s in the pudding they say, so please… have a look at some more real live examples of enhanced business listings @ Come On Aussie:

Let’s test your imagination and powers of observation for second or two… Did you see???

“Personalised” Keyword/s in the URL

Notice how you can add a location if that’s important for you?

Some pretty powerful possibilities here!

If Your Keyword Combination Is Available…

It’s Yours!

That possibility by itself is very exciting!!!

But wait…

There’s MORE…

Your Page Features…

  • Click to open full size

    Customised Heading and Taglines at top of page
  • Add your own content – text, links, piccies – whatever takes your fancy!
  • Properly constructed links including a variety of anchor text
  • Website Thumbnail or optional Logo/Image at top of page
  • Social links etc built in
  • Full contact details provided on RHS
  • Google map of your location provided on RHS
  • Multiple places to include your own advertisements
  • Include a featured Youtube video (if available)
  • Update page with your RSS feed (if available)
  • Multiple colours to choose from

Oh… and did I mention that this is all built for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing any of it yourself!

My Complete Setup Service Is Included

My complete, professional setup service includes keyword research, copywriting and consulting with you regarding the anchor text, keywords, links and body copy etc., required for each page element, and ensures that everything is “done-for-you” to maximise your SEO efforts here!

All you do is prepare some answers to a few questions… And give us a few pointers on what you want on your page 🙂 We’ll do the rest (usually within one business day of receiving your answers).

And… once built, it’s relatively easy to edit – just like your normal Come On Aussie listing – with just a few extra fields to (carefully) play with!

But wait…


Even MORE Links…

Effective SEO has always (and will always) be about building a range of different types of links from different sources!

And that’s why I want to give you even MORE legitimate and varied links back to your business!

So as well as your enhanced business listing… and your extra “free” listing @ Come On Aussie… I want to permanently place a story about your business on another long established Australian website.

And that story stays published there for life! (unless of course you ask for it to be removed)

Give An Aussie A Go
Give An Aussie A Go
The site I want to feature your business on is Give An Aussie A Go. This has been online since 1999, and has constantly endeavoured to promote Australian businesses in all different ways…

And now, your Aussie business is featured there as well, with even more links pointing back to your business!

Gotta Love That!

This is a HUGE BONUS!

But think of it as a lifetime “reward” for you… just for giving this Aussie a go!

But wait…

We’re NOT done yet 🙂

Latest Sites
Latest Sites
I want to offer you one last incentive… and this one is sweet!

FEATURED PLACEMENT on our Latest Sites directory!

Here, your listing will always be found at (or near) the top of its relevant category!

To have such priority placement on a highly contextually relevant page is pure gold for your search engine marketing efforts!


For those that didn’t know… that’s Aussie slang for “how much is it?” 🙂

Your Enhanced Business Listing is just $499 for the next 12 months, which includes our complete professional setup of your material so you have to do very little to get this happening right now!!!

Remember… this package is designed to provide you with:

  • A keyword rich “personalised” URL/subdomain @ Come On AUssie
  • An additional “Free” Business Listing
  • A completely Customised Business Listing
  • With Featured Placement on Latest Sites
  • Lifetime Exposure at Give An Aussie A Go
  • Professionally Set Up for you
  • And Can be Edited by You whenever you like!

It’s a very effective, economical way to generate additional, legitimate links from a variety of highly relevant pages back to your business!

Talk to me now…

Please use these contact details if you wish to discuss anything with me…

Stephen Spry