We’ve Gone Mobile

The recent replacement of my mobile phone with a new android, and a nudge from an old associate, has meant that I’ve just launched a mobile version of my Come On Aussie Australian Website Directory!

I’ve always had some reluctance about developing a whole “new” website designed soley for a mobile audience… Wondering whether the effort would be worth the reward? Whether there are enough mobile users out there to make it worthwhile?

My main problem was re-writing a lot of the behind the scenes scripts that generate the data… I “thought” it would be a much bigger job than it was.

Well a recent email from an old associate made me bite the bullet – bigtime! Many thanks to Thomas D’Souza for the nudge!!!

And now you can see for yourself how good (or not) the mobile version of Come On Aussie is!

You can view the mobile website here!

And you can see it in a normal browser window – just make your window a LOT narrower to emulate the effect!

I’m kinda liking this “minimalist” approach needed for mobile, which simply cuts to the chase and weeds out a lot of the fill and fluff you see on desktop pages these days 🙂

And I really like how the individual business listing pages show up. Some of them look really good!

The “Postcode” search is something that will be improved shortly. Right now it matches just the one postcode. It will be better when I write a new routine to include a search for “nearby” postcodes, especially if there is no match on the main one! So that’s coming soon… and will be ported over to the main (desktop) site when complete.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how it could be improved.

How useful would a mobile version of your own website be? Or have you got one already? Share the details with us!

Please let me know what you think by adding a comment or two below!

Stephen Spry

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