Client Website : Hair We Are in Palm Beach QLD

We’ve just finished a new website for our fav hairdresser @ Palm Beach in Queensland 😉 It’s a beaut responsive website theme and the client is really happy with it!

It’s interesting to see what happens, search engine wise, once we “launch” it.

First up, we listed the brand new website for Hair We Are on our Come On Aussie directory on July 22.

Google picked that listing up pretty quickly! I was amazed to see it come up in a search the very next day.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that their existing Google “map listing” was updated with their website details within another couple of days… and the actual website appeared in the organic search results as well – albeit pushed down to page 3+ for the term “hairdresser palm beach qld”.

I was not surprised to see a swag of Yellow Pages and Local Directory listings for this, and other “palm beach hairdressers”, clogging up most of the first spots on the organic results.

So now – after just two weeks – where does their website appear for their key term?

Well.. apart from a mention in the “map results” at the top of the page, the actual website seems to be coming in on Google around 10th-15th place… sometimes appearing on page 1… with around 8 directory listings (i.e. not “real” businesses websites) appearing before the actual business!

On checking out Bing… well the client website appears in the 5th position on page 1 – again with 3 directory listings above it. Not too shabby for early days!

With Yahoo… it’s coming in @ #10 – again with 6 directory listings above it.

Now… if only I could “kill” those directory listings that occupy those valuable places above the “real” business website listing.

Never mind… we’ll work on that over the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime… if you need a hairdresser in Palm Beach… you know who to check out 🙂

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